Styling For Beginners



Nov 6, 2017


10:00 - 11:30

Capienza massima


Workshop held by Ferrari Fashion School on Fashion Graduate Italia 2017 . The world of styling will be introduced, illustrating in detail the professional figure of the stylist, his skills and how he relates to the team and then focuses the attention of the participants on the technical and visual analysis for the right composition of fashion outfits.

The Fashion Stylist is a professional figure with a strong creativity, good taste and attention to
the refined details. Few people know the specific role of this figure, fundamental in the fashion world: he
selects mood and outfits for photo shoots to be published in magazines, collaborating closely with bookers
of modeling agencies, make-up artists, photographers and fashion designers . It is essential that we create
a synergy on the photo set , so the communication between these figures is decisive for the
success of a service.

The fashion stylist is an image professional, who takes care of photographic services both for
editorial and commercial purposes.
A theoretical and practical approach will allow participants to breathe the world of image and
styling characterized by strong communicative appeal.

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Ferrari Fashion School Workshop Styling For Beginners