Istituto di Moda Burgo

Istituto di Moda Burgo was founded in 1961 by the current director Fernando Burgo. For 60 years, our goal has been to provide students with the tools to develop their creativity and aspirations, bringing our passion for work and our unique method all around the world, for an increasingly international approach. The main goal is to train highly competent professional figures, who are able to enter the world of work immediately: great attention is given to the training and updating courses of teachers and to collaborations with high-profile brands during the academic course. The preparation for the world of work is guaranteed by the almost exclusively practical lessons and the individual teaching method: each student is thus able to make the most of each lesson, thanks to personalized programs.

Passion and initiative are the key words that characterise the path of every young designer: our students of the Fashion Design and Dressmaking courses tell us how fundamental it is not to be afraid of anything in the difficult world of fashion, but also how much they need the help and support of their teachers, a necessary guide in the path of each one. Their collections reflect their personalities and reflect the creativity and ambition of each one, respecting the trends of the moment without losing sight of the expression of each one’s individuality.


Pigments is a collection that represents the emotional plurality in the soul of each of us. Each mood is associated with a colour that recalls and describes the multiplicity of feelings we have in this historical period. Colour becomes a symbol of optimism but also a cure. A ‘colour therapy’ on clothes that support the mood with energising, calming and natural tones. The use of colour block is fundamental, but also the combination of colours reminiscent of nature in its most macro form. Garments with insubstantial but at the same time structured fabrics, and manipulations on the fabric, create folds and geometric shapes that transport us to Land Art installations. Liveliness and reality come together in a union of dreams for a collection that fuses Haute Couture with the elegance of minimalism.