School of excellence in Milan, AFOL Moda believes in the talent and creativity that exist in each of their students, combining the culture of the project with a strong technical orientation and offering a high  level professional training. The didactics has a strong multidisciplinary focus: theoretical lessons alongside significative practical and laboratory experiences, workshops and seminars. Many students have obtained international level recognitions and are now working for relevant fashion companies in the area.

The collections of 6 students will be the protagonists of FGI 2022 for AFOL Moda:

Vapor by Maria Sturla: poetic and evanescent representation of the fusion of energy flows.

Childish Soul by Elisa Martellotta is an ironic interpretation of the world of children characterized by an explosion of volumes with a retro flavor.

Unie by Alessandra Spada rides the theme of reuse and pays homage to Africa and its people with a refined style full of contamination.

The End of Summer Days by Vittoria Macrì is a baby collection where the whiteness of the clothes evokes the last carefree days of summer in the grandparents’ house.

Everybody’s Welcome by Emanuele Abbondanza is an invitation to broaden one’s horizons, to accept oneself and cultural differences

Con-tatto by Elisa Manzoni is an intimate collection with dusty colors that plays transparencies and geometric cuts in search of its own balance.


Maria Sturla / Vapor 

Vapor is the material representation of what happens when our aura connects with others, unleashing a liberating dance that takes shape in the structure and bloom of the garments. Who wears them moves away from the weight of gravity, behaving like water when it turns into steam.

Vittoria Macri / The End of Summer Days 

The End of Summer Days collection tell us the carefreeness and tranquillity that characterised the end of summer days in my childhood. 

Emanuele Abbondanza / EVERYBODY’S WELCOME

“We invite you to be just yourself and everyone is welcome” is the payoff of this collection that combines fabrics, techniques and cuts, coming from completely different places and traditions. A heterogeneous collection in style and volume encourages self-expression and openness to others.

Elisa Martellotta / Childish Soul

Childish Soul dives ironically into the world of childhood, reinterpreting and exasperating the most classic elements of girls’ clothing. An explosion of volumes and maxi ruffles that frees the childish soul in each of us.

Alessandra Spada / Unie 

Unie is an African term that expresses solidarity, tolerance and union. The collection looks at the beauties and the contradictions of Africa and its people and pays them homage with a sophisticated style full of contaminations. 

Elisa Manzoni / Con-tatto 

This project is about two bodies that seek each other out, want each other and come into con-tatto, creating the energy needed to live really. Transparency and colours are chosen to look beyond boundaries, to consider the nuances of the other within one’s own soul, to the point of blurring its contours. This tension of love is the rediscovery of the beauty of bodies and the understanding of delicacy in all its forms, even the momentary ones. It could last a lifetime or be only a passing moment. Will it, however, be worth the beauty?