IUAD Accademia della Moda is recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research among the AFAM Institutions for 1st level academic courses in Fashion Design, Interior Design and Architecture, Communication Design and 2nd level academic courses in Art & Copy and in Accessory Design. IUAD  has two offices, in Milan and Naples. The Institute was born with its first courses in the 1960s and today offers a wide range of training courses, from fashion, communication and interior design, to industrial modeling, with a copyright-protected system for all sectors of clothing ( men, women, children, casual, underwear, underwear and corsetry, shirts) and footwear.

The common thread which links IUAD students is certainly the vision of fashion as a free expression of one’s being and one’s vision of the world. Each collection is a manifesto of one’s own introspective journey and of professional and personal growth. Teachers play a fundamental role in this journey, from whom they learned not only the importance of research and of the detail but above all the ability to approach their projects in a critical way analyzing it from different points of view. Fashion therefore presents itself as a reflection of life and emotions but finds its concrete foundations in the knowledge and development of a technical know-how of which they seem to have a deep awareness.


A new concept of freedom

This is what one body can do with another body: reveal a shared freedom, which penetrates under the skin. Freedom does not mean getting rid of the burden of the past. It means looking at the future and dreaming all the time. With this allusive and precise creativity IUAD takes the viewers by the hand and accompanies them to discover the inarticulate and stubborn language of the body. It is only thanks to the body, and with the body, that change can exist. Imagining for a moment, what it means to inhabit a fearless body, and the world we could build, all of this is a hope.