Next Fashion School by Carla Secoli

Next Fashion School by Carla Secoli

supports the talent of young people and professionals in the entire creative/executive process, with highest competence.

The training method, constantly updated, prepares technically competitive professional figures, specialized in recognizing the needs of the markets and sensitive to the ever-changing fashion industry.

The Next Generation, community of Next Fashion School, is a dynamic reality of students who imagine, create and evolve.

In Bologna, Ancona and Padova headquarters, we transform their attitudes into corporate projects, and this is why our graduates are appreciated and requested in the most important national and international realities of the Fashion System.

We are the Next Fashion power.

LET’S LOOK… The making of

Look at what it was to move better in becoming.

Silvia Baruffato, Sofia Borocci, Iana Fedrigo Culeac, Elena Messori e Tatiana Polato, share their aspirations and passions.

Nature, history, hope, love for author photography but above all, the passion and the energy that are motivations to overcome the difficulties.

The Next Generation looks.. and creates wonders



Let’s look at life, in all directions.

Let’s look with respect at what has been and what surrounds you, let’s observe nature, let’s preserve your habitat intact, let’s breathe and let the energy of the earth and its history make you strong and aware of who you are.

Let’s look at the evolution that awaits you, the unstoppable change in which you move your steps, let’s develop what’s new so it’s constructive and non-destructive, let’s immerse yourself in becoming by becoming its protagonist.

Let me look at you, you’re the Next Generation.