Istituto Marangoni Milano

Istituto Marangoni was founded in 1935 in Milano and in 2020 celebrated 85 successful years training the worldwide top professionals of the Fashion industry. With over four generations of students, it has been the launch pad for over 45,000 professionals in the fashion world.

Milano is the undisputed capital of Italian prêt-àporter, the place that the most important fashion brands call home. Fashion is everywhere in Milan, and the school is located in the city centre, on Via Verri and in San Babila square, a few steps away from Via Montenapoleone, the ultimate fashion avenue inside the world-famous ‘Quadrilatero della Moda’. Here, fashion professionals work at the highest levels, while participants and talented individuals from around the globe meet and engage together, simultaneously being trained in creativity, organization and commerce in a continuous exchange of stimuli, ideas, projects and visions.

Istituto Marangoni Milano • The School of Fashion gives voice to the academic experiences of Giovanni Porta, Graziella Barbuta, Paul Majer, Carlotta Brancaccio and Francesco Privitera: five Fashion Design graduates, passionate and eager to get into the heart of the fashion system. They tell the creative process behind their collections, the result of the research and experimentations carried out during the three years, sharing dreams and aspirations about their professional career.


Istituto Marangoni does not limit the creativity of its talents and that is why each of them has worked on a different collection concept.

Filippo Cascinelli Staudacher presents “Nowhere”, stating that menswear fashion must reborn here and now, getting rid of toxic and soft masculinity.

Collection “È tutto blu, ci piace di più” by Gian Marco Caggiari is characterized by linear silhouettes and mainly draws initial inspiration from the aesthetics of Walter Albini, a genius of the 60’s fashion.

Guiyin Yang with her collection “For You, You Can Be Anyone” addresses the genderless culture: the fusion of male and female characters, the combination of softness and strength, the sense of conflict, tolerance, and balance are the key topics.

“(S)composta” by Carlotta Brancaccio is a collection that delights in wavering between

aesthetic extravagance and industrial modernity, in which warm and full colors, delicate yet daring combinations dictate the rhythm.

Qiongwen Qiao’s “Sky is Sky” integrates some elements of traditional Chinese medicine with the concept of kidult, creating a sort of fairytale through her clothes.

“Blooming Concrete” collection by Giovanni Porta invites a reflection on the relationship of men towards modernity and the machines’ control.

Antea Galiazzo with her collection “Your Essence” mixes the male and female attitudes, creating a delicate balance between practicality and fragility, between functionality and femininity.

Luca Scarponi presents “Echi Di Quali Silenzi”, a collection that aims to convey a new kind of elegance and a new language for the traditional menswear tailoring.

“Under Construction” collection by Paul Majer is inspired by Brutalist architecture, traditional British heritage and construction elements to convey the changes in the fashion industry.

Giuliana Baldi explores the theme of non-binary identity in “Unification”, where train tracks, as parallels that never meet, are the ultimate key reference of the collection.