Istituto di Moda Burgo

Istituto di Moda Burgo was founded in 1961 by the current director Fernando Burgo. For 60 years, our goal has been to provide students with the tools to develop their creativity and aspirations, bringing our passion for work and our unique method all around the world, for an increasingly international approach. The main goal is to train highly competent professional figures, who are able to enter the world of work immediately: great attention is given to the training and updating courses of teachers and to collaborations with high-profile brands during the academic course. The preparation for the world of work is guaranteed by the almost exclusively practical lessons and the individual teaching method: each student is thus able to make the most of each lesson, thanks to personalized programs.

Every student at Istituto di Moda Burgo has a story to tell and a dream to achieve.

Determination is the driving force that has always accompanied each one of them throughout their academic career. Giulia, for example, loves craftsmanship and creates interesting garments with great attention and passion for underwear; Arianna is inclined towards Ready-to-Wear with excellent planning and design skills; Ilaria is a neo-romantic with a weakness for ruffles, pastel colours and structured clothes; Enrico, on the other hand, with his great manual skills, creates men’s and genderless garments that reflect his creativity and talent; finally, Andrea has put his great sartorial and design skills to the test by creating wonderful garments.

Each student represents a dream, a heart and a project that are transformed into an identity and a precise character transmitted in every single garment, that is dreamed, designed and realised and  will bear the name of each one of them.


The inspiration for the students’ capsule collections comes from what we have experienced in this last historical period: DIMENSIONAL MIND is the concept that guided them in the creation of these unique garments.

After the pandemic we have changed, our archaic soul linked to nature has expanded and embraced the digital, metaphorically transforming into other shapes.

After the social distancing, we have indeed used the digital illusion to expand human relationships. The expansion of the soul is thus combined with contemporaneity, creating a dualism between the ancient and primordial spirit linked to nature and the digital feeling.

The contemporary digital art of Esteban Diacono, Paolo Ceric and Tyler Haywood, whose works show almost plastic and mouldable digital forms, stands before our soul, shaping it and changing its form according to the adversities and events of life.

The change that took place during the pandemic persists even afterwards in various phases: we have changed and our brain, neuroplastic by nature, has transformed accordingly.

Clothes will mainly acquire three-dimensional shapes (DIMENSIONAL DESIGN), but there will also be contrasts, layered tulle and ruffles. The antique is present in the use of bustiers, volumes, historical Victorian design and soft colours that mix with more digital shades but also with basics such as black and white.