IED – Istituto Europeo di Design

Founded in Milano in 1966, IED is the only Higher Education Institution in the creative field to have maintained a completely Italian identity over time.

With a network consisting of 11 sites within 3 Countries (Italy, Spain and Brazil), every year IED launches innovative training projects in the fields of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication, to ensure that its students will be the future new interpreters of the universal language of design.

Therefore, IED assumes the identity of a research space, an open network, inclusive and active, able to teach and promote design culture for individuals and society, a place where the approach to Design becomes a vehicle for social, cultural and economic transformation.

Through the words and images used in the videos, Paolo Belleri, Evelyn Bressan, Francesca Caranzano, Alessia Giacchetta and Gaetano Stea talk about themselves, about the values that animate them and their experience at school, also considering the last complex years of pandemic.

Five different points of view, united by the same passion and commitment to achieve objectives in their professional lives and in the affirmation of their vision through the contamination of languages, constant comparison and clarity of thought.


A journey around IED Italia Seats through the concepts of the eight students who will present their capsule collections:

Chiara Autiero starts from her personal reflection on the importance of physical, mental and emotional contacts to design a collection that is a hymn to life, a return to the essentiality of the existence of shapes and colours.

Paolo Belleri takes us into an anaesthetised and sometimes aseptic atmosphere composed of white clothes, which leaves the observer free to interpret an open ending.

Dara Silva Bulleri tells of her desire to celebrate the Afro-Brazilian cultural heritage according to typical aesthetic and spiritual canons, beauty and ancestral origins.

Andrea De Simone analyses the concept of distance and solitude to design a collection that aims to break down cultural and social differences, praising individual diversity and the uniqueness of each person.

Yoana Dimitrova starts out from the beauty of Mount Everest to create garments inspired by the fusion of nature and soul, by the tradition of distant places, and by travel that is not only physical but also emotional and cultural.

Alessia Giacchetta sees each individual as a living archive, made up of stories, memories, sensations and objects that make up their personal and subjective memory.

Valeria Nicoletti emphasises how in recent months the enemy has been identified as something invisible and how, with her project, she wants to subvert this idea by focusing on the beauty of the intangible.

Gaia Romoli observes how in the months of the pandemic the face has been deprived of expressiveness and, for this reason, in each of her outfits she brings back an emotion, a facial expression, a state of mind.