IAAD. Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design

IAAD was founded in 1978 in Turin and today represents one of the main poles of higher education in Italy and Europe.

A talent incubator able to promote an interdisciplinary vision of design and to provide students with the necessary tools to be an active and constructive part of the change.

High didactic standards, a teaching staff consisting primarily of professionals, an organic relationship with the business world and an accurate job search service are the successful elements for rapid postgraduate placement that now reaches 90% within a year of completing academic studies. 

Thanks to the agreement with the French group AD Education, today IAAD is part of a network consisting of 13 school, 38 seats, more than 18,000 students, 1.200 instructors, all operating within an integrated teaching system composed of about 150 Courses.

The three-year Textile & Fashion Design course aims to train complete professionals in terms of awareness of perceptual and cognitive phenomena in the fashion sector, able to understand how trends are formed and what factors intervene in the elaboration of taste, capable of interpreting the signs and languages of fashion and design and ready to interact with the sectors of creative planning and artistic direction.
The course is multidisciplinary and aims to develop not only technical skills but also critical and analytical ones so as to allow students to express their often surprising creative abilities through the language of fashion.




The collection is characterised by the use of fabrics derived from the recycling and reuse of some fibres reworked in an experimental way.
The concept aims to investigate the contemporary identity dimension that is plastic and deformable and lives in ubiquitous digital contexts.
Organicity becomes the environment for new realities that are the result of a process of conscious re-elaboration.
It is during the fashion show, accompanied by a performance, that the journey in search of one’s own identity, imbued in any case with feelings and emotions, takes place according to unexpected dynamics that make it surprising.