Ferrari Fashion School Milan is the Fashion Academy established 20 years ago in the Fashion and Luxury education sector, innovating and training new generations of professionals with the objective of transmitting passion, knowledge and know-how. Quality, Professionalism, Ethics and Passion are the values that have always distinguished its strong identity. Ferrari Fashion School is based in Via Savona 97 in Milan, in the heart of the modern Fashion and Design District, very close to the headquarters of many major brands, in a district that hosts the most important Ateliers, Showrooms, Design and creative activities of the Fashion, Luxury and Design sector.

The world was taken by surprise, the emergency from Sars Cov-2 has marked forever the life of each of us, the fast spread worldwide has proved to be an sudden event capable of changing society and everyone’s way of life.

This is where the journey of Ferrari Fashion School students’ begins.

A symbolic journey that unfolds in three moments describing, in a unique and personal way, the event that tragically stopped even the simplest of gestures, placing individuals an absolute of dark-ness.

Dark colors and heavy fabrics tailored on exaggerated shapes for post-pandemic warriors.

But the fear like hell and the uncertainty of the future, which have placed them into a limbo made up of distorted visions and restlessness, defeats all barriers to open up a rediscovered, conscious and green paradise. (Heaven)

Fabric manipulation, processing, eco-sustainable fabrics, knitwear and natural dyes.

The love and the research for the soul as a manifest of a discovered creative spring.

Art Direction: Riccardo Carrapa
Directed by: Andrea Lauria

Fashion Film

Be Again.

Giovanni Cerimele
Federica Marullo
Dafne Fonzo
Federica Forcinito
Valentina D’Angelo
Amelia Pandini
Giacomo Posca
Lorenzo Mazzoni
Roberta Veranoli
Sara Paduano

Francesco D’Ambrosio
Martina Raggiotto
Sara Andreoli
Alice Mancini
Martina Borgonovo