Cercal is a footwear school of excellence dedicated to training key positions in stylistic research, technical design and high-end footwear production.

Together with professionals and companies in teaching laboratories, we make use of a method based on learning by doing. Our focus is centered on the student in order to develop creativity, talent, operational skills, combining technical culture, craftsmanship and technological innovation.

We have been operating in San Mauro Pascoli, in Emilia-Romagna, which is the centre of the luxury footwear district, where important international brands are based, for over 35 years.

Edoardo and Felipe are two students of Cercal School, very passionate about fashion and footwear. This is their story about their journey during the creation of a collection inspired by the Woman: with two styles and two different visions, united in a common project to celebrate the female universe. Let’s go through some of their project work phases together, from the creative and technical drawing, to the choice of the models and the materials, from working with their classmates and their teachers, to reaching the great satisfaction for the end result obtained.


The collection is a tribute to the WOMAN through Felipe Alvarez and Edoardo Battellini’s creativity, a woman who knows how to be strong, seductive, daring, at the same time also romantic and ethereal.

Two distinct souls, two distinct women, but also two sides of the same woman, who loves to be variable, as is her life.

The woman throughout her history has followed patterns of gentleness and submission, but she has also shown great strength in adversity.

Two souls interpreted on the one hand with geometric shapes, square toes and wedges with heel 100, minimal models in patent leathers and contrasting colors, on the other hand with sweet lines, pointed toes, golden laminates and refined lace, feathers and silk ribbons.