Since 1947 Arsutoria School has been offering highly qualified training paths in designing and making shoes and bags. The only one in Milan equipped with in-house laboratories where students, coming from more than 50 countries around the world, are able to learn and practice design and making techniques through an effective “learning by making” teaching methodology, aimed at giving talented minds and hands of the future the finest and most qualified technical and design skills.

The story of the development and evolution of some of the projects that will go on Fashion Graduate runway, told through the crucial passages of joy, frustration, confrontation and, above all, work, that mark moods and phases of creativity in these difficult times. Paths of life and study told in brief enlightening moments. Long-cultivated ideas that finally find an opportunity for expression and visibility.


!Pump up the value!

Research on the sustainability of sneaker product, through projects led by the 3R circular paradigm: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Designer: Eva Eigenstiller – Laura La Marca – Giulia Simeoni

Meaningful Design

Sustainable Leather

The value of sustainable leather inspires innovative projects in which design is called to enhances its uniqueness and timeless beauty – project developed in collaboration with Smit & Zoon.

Designer: Javier A. Mogollón – Guglielmo Gorno – Laure Wolff – Alexandros Vasdekis Hommy Diaz