Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera – Scuola di Fashion Design

To know is to imagine. This is the statement of the Fashion Design course of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. The daily confrontation with Art and Beauty teaches us to go beyond the object. The personal interpretation we give with our actions in that way made of color, shape, matter becomes one with our body. We learn that not only beauty satisfies our thirst for harmony, but at the same time we recognize in him another and much higher value that speaks of ethics, love, openness and compassion. Our work or simple creative activity is of enormous importance because it speaks of our happiness, our vision of a future, of a better life, a life in which color, shape and matter acquire a real meaning.

Nine are the collections created by the students of the Fashion Design Course of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, encouraged in their concepts to show their individuality, and their creative and practical skills in realising and expressing their ideas.

The collections present all those topical issues the new generation is confronted with every day: leaving the judgement of a society that too often demands an idealised perfection, which is here cancelled for a more intimate research of what identity is and why it is so important, without stopping at the mere appearance of things. Moreover, the oblivion is considered as an absolute absence of information in contrast with the memory and the game. Finally, the desire to travel again and create those connections that create a new taste, the gender fluid taste.



A journey, a vision, inside and outside of us that speaks of “Eyes on me”, looks and attention to unusual, foreign gestures and ways for those who are ready to break with the past.
A journey also made of memory, memories of distant countries such as Brazil, the reference year “99” is the title of the collection, with images, glitches and klecksographies. Modernity arises from the contrast, technical-natural, memory-oblivion, missing parts of a dress like erased from our mind, “Remember me”. The awareness therefore of seeking our identity and its value, in “Identity loss” beyond the market and its needs. A fluid identity, in “The Anglesey’s legacy”, a legacy of the investigation between Cyril Paget and Leigh Bowery, as in an interaction in “Synapse” that generates a thought of hybridization between genres. A metamorphic modification into “Anomalia”, disharmonies and alterations that personalize our aesthetic choices. Opposite languages in “Contemporary Nomads, different pulses”, which come together to create a new one. “Encounters between different worlds”, from large spaces to mines where a special knot transforms a work suit into an urban suit.