Studying at Secoli means becoming a fashion maker capable of creating clothes designed in every detail and, for the best undergraduate students, having the opportunity to go on stage at the Secoli Fashion Show, bringing their own collections on the catwalk. This year, for the 37th edition, the event changes its skin and becomes “Secoli Fashion Show 2020/Digital Edition”, a fashion film of outfits that interpret the concept “THE FORM”, the external appearance that configures an object or its representation. Even more: for the talented school’s alumni the opportunity to participate to the Designer to Watch project, a showcase dedicated to the emerging designers able to interpret, through unpublished capsules, styles and trends. #istitutosecoli, dal 1934 #theschoolofmakingfashion #wemakefashion


AMORPHOUS –  undefined, indecipherable, uncertain and clouded shape. From form to absence of form.

EXCESS OF THE FORM exceeding, creating wonder going beyond the limits by subverting  the rules. From form to a new form.

SYNTHESIS OF THE FORM –  it’s the essential  that illustrates, the symbol is drenched with expressive charge,  bare  but not empty. From form to form essence.

DEFORMED –  it seems distant from its natural shape, as alteration of its normal and usual appearance. A deliberately imagined configuration. From form to not-form.

COMMINGLING OF THE FORM A combination of mixing and coexisting forms: a union creating a new identity, a new vision. From form to forms.