Ferrari Fashion School Milan is the Fashion Academy established 20 years ago in the Fashion and Luxury education sector, innovating and training new generations of professionals with the objective of transmitting passion, knowledge and know-how. Quality, Professionalism, Ethics and Passion are the values that have always distinguished its strong identity. Ferrari Fashion School is based in Via Savona 97 in Milan, in the heart of the modern Fashion and Design District, very close to the headquarters of many major brands, in a district that hosts the most important Ateliers, Showrooms, Design and creative activities of the Fashion, Luxury and Design sector.


The collections presented by the Ferrari Fashion School’s students speak out for socials problems which their generation is facing. They want to tell us about their personalities and identities through complex shapes that go beyond the stereotypes of our society. They aren’t afraid to dare by mixing shapes and colours, fabrics and finishings. They are inspired by streetlife, by life in general, art, body and humanity as an expression of art itself. The soul and diversity reveal themselves, they are no longer armours but means of self-expression. They are metaphors of life as flower that blooms to tell about itself as there are not socials or cultural boundaries anymore. The shapes embrace an infinite soul through inner hands, while veiled femininity, restructured, altered and almost deformed garments become the representation of the designer’s imagination at its maximum.