For almost a century we have been training and preparing Italian and International “best of youth” in the footwear and leather goods industry and we are the most accredited school in the world for footwear and leather goods professionals. The only one in Milan equipped with in-house laboratories where students, coming from more than 50 countries around the world, can learn design techniques and create shoe and bag prototypes through an effective “learning by making” teaching methodology, aimed at giving talented minds and hands of the future the most qualified technical and design skills.


kαλὸς καὶ ἀγαθός / bellezza e virtù 

We have long since lost the connection between beauty and virtue. An essential equation in the classical world, pure accident in the contemporary world. We continuously consume items aesthetically beautiful, ethically ugly. Students at the Arsutoria School, each according to their own ethical, cultural and aesthetic identity, have offered an “exit strategy” to this loss of beauty, virtue and future.

Heartfelt thanks 

@ Hommy Diaz and “Billboard Ratchet Sneaker” 

@ Javier Albanil Mogollón and “Keep the Barbour”

@ Laura Giancola and “Conceptual Constructs”

@ Giulia Iannaccone with Matteo Sorgato and “Orango Sneaker”

@ Shivani Netalkar with Ansh Kohli and “E.W.A.”