AFOL Moda is a public school and a center of excellence in the fashion area working in Milan since the 1970s.

Every year over 300 young talents experience the school, along with professionals in the sector who believe in the value of work, passion and creativity which they share and pass to the students.

The didactics has a strong multidisciplinary imprint: theoretical lessons in presence and on-line are combined with significant practical laboratory experiences. 

The training courses are functional to the preparation of the new generation of professionals: all advanced specialization courses are enriched by curricular internship experiences hosted by important companies in the sector.


“Ma” by Martina Peron

  1. The contradictions of society create pockets of marginalization; “Ma” is Expressionism, which restores mankind.

A collection that reinterprets proportions, without gender identity and where the decorations reveal a condition of uneasiness.


Words like brushstroke by Maria Teresa Sconzo

The immediate, violent instinct of the gesture in the creative act, combines clothes with clean lines where handmade felt communicates with plastic surfaces in perfect harmony.


Obfuscation by Barbara Tedeschi

Obfuscation is the willful addition of ambiguous, confusing or misleading information to interfere with surveillance and data storage.
Repeating, layering and staggering is the strategy of this collection.


CYNOSURA di Mariangela Cosma e Maurizzio Giovannetti

Settlers of new astral paths: a futuristic vision among sidereal suggestions, exasperation of volumes and holographic surfaces.