IUAD Accademia della Moda is recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research among the AFAM Institutions for 1st level academic courses in Fashion Design, Design and interior Architecture, Communication Design and 2nd level academic courses in Art & copy and in Accessory Design. To date, the Academy has two locations, Naples and Milan.

The institute was founded in the 1960s and today offers a wide range of training courses, from fashion to interior design and communication, to industrial modeling, with a copyrighted system which cover all sectors of clothing (man, woman, child, casual, underwear, beachwear and corsetry, shirts) and footwear.



Craftsmanship, textile experiments, sustainability, but also current events such as pollution, disorientation, healthy and creative madness, poetic emotions, joy and pain, these are the main themes of the eleven students collections; every outfit can boast sartorial techniques linked to innovation, such as iron oxide that becomes a graphic motif, wood that becomes fabric and even embroidery, plastic, PVC, organza or knitted wool just like the old traditions of craftsmanship. So a look at the present and the future without forgetting our past and the skillful hands that created it.