fashiON FILM


THE FORM is an external aspect with which a physical, corporeal, imaginary object or even one of its representation, is configured. The FORM concept is reached by drawing inspiration from the Art world: Michelangelo Buonarroti, the first to perceive, in sculpture, the ability to restore emotional tension without altering the poetic realm; and Antiform, a 60’s/70’s movement of whom the head Robert Morris’ theories aim at a pure visualization of objects through their matter, by removing allusions and hidden meanings. These are insights that lead to that matter intended as concretization of FORM as an expressive freedom symbol, in a fair exchange of strong connection between elements, with the transition “from matter to FORM” and “from FORM to matter”.

la forma


Olo Creative Farm


“SINTESI DELLA FORMA”: Xintong Han / Martina Picotti / Giulia Eleonora Gioacchini / Mirsela Shehi
“COMMISTIONE DELLA FORMA”: Marco Bagnardi / Liu Xin / Gianni D’Aniello / Michela Caneo
“DEFORME”: Bijay Polotti / Costanza Riva
“AMORFO”: Kaleem Assani Akyirefi / Shokoofeh Golpaygani / Shiru Zeng / Giulia Romano / Francesca Casiraghi
“ECCESSO DELLA FORMA”: Alessia Galliani / Marta Trabucchi / Roberta Lana / Dina Saibene