fashiON FILM

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design

A seemingly surreal scene, almost Lynchian: in the sophisticated atmosphere of a restaurant, human beings and fish-headed humanoids co-exist and dine as if this was normal. The humanity portrayed is post-human, mutant, already distorted by the impact of human activities and pollution of the seas and oceans. A short film that uses the language of the absurd to show how the good manners of an elegant dinner live side by side with the bad eating habits that have transformed the hydrosphere into a plastic ocean.



Asia Sbrugnera


Art direction e stylist: Simone Folli /  Sceneggiatura di Asia Sbrugnera e Federico Cimaz / Direttore della fotografia: Federico Cimaz / Assistente Direttore della fotografia: Pietro Ronzoni Editor e Colorist: Pietro Ronzoni / Assistente all’editing: Asia Sbrugnera / Assistente al color grading: Federico Cimaz / Sound designer: Simone Patroni