fashiON FILM


Diversity doesn’t refer to a condition of inequality because the human being knows how to put together and not divide, it knows how to love without hating, appreciates the differences as a precious gift. “DECIDE TO BE DIFFERENT, IT’S THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING FREE” means precisely that. It expresses the lust for rebellion of a human being who delicately seeks itself beyond social, cultural or religious boundaries, who sees diversity as a chance for reconciling with the rest of humanity without feeling less valuable or weaker because of its own difference. Freedom is keypoint here since it provides chances for learning other ways of Being. The hug is seen as two souls continuously search for one another, but also seen in the mix, deconstruction and in the intertwining of shapes. It is about bringing itself out to tell about itself, discovering that nobody is alone but constantly in evolution. Confort and oversized shapes are painted in the colors of different ethnies, the deconstructed shapes of virginal and romantic textures of autumn peonies. Light tricks and shadows, fear and freedom alternate to make us think that in the end there are no boundaries at all.



Andrea Lauria / Marco Castellani


Marco Bolzonello / Georgiana Chirila / Elena Arcari / Sofia Lenoci / Gaia Fortunato / Alessandra Sovilla