fashiON FILM


Thus begins a surprising journey within a dreamlike dimension, completely suspended in time, where classicism and contemporary innovation blend in an harmony which deeply embraces the mimesis concept. Every outfit is marked by elegant shapes that well embody the delicacy of the dream. To inhabit this pleasant place described by Lukasz Cholewiak are fantastic creatures, sometimes coming from historical or future past, who, aware of their own being, become muses of desire and curiosity. Set in the spectacular location of Villa Arconati, declared a national monument today under the legal protection and enhancement of the Augusto Rancilio Foundation, for its breadth and grandiose style, such that, in the eighteenth-century guides it was defined the petite Versailles italienne (little Italian Versailles), the short film amaze the viewer, suspended in a serene and nostalgic atmosphere.

midsummer night's dream


Lukasz Cholewiak


Silvia Barbieri / Federica Centonze / Francesca Cuozzo / Rosa Ferrara / Gabriella Davide / Olena Kozik / Sara Di Marco e Benedetta Lanzione / Mai Oahn Tu / Michela Scotto Di Clemente / Enrica Sammarra / Tecla Calabrese