Ferrari Fashion School Milan is the Fashion Academy established 20 years ago in the Fashion and Luxury education sector, innovating and training new generations of professionals with the objective of transmitting passion, knowledge and know-how. Quality, Professionalism, Ethics and Passion are the values that have always distinguished its strong identity. Ferrari Fashion School is based in Via Savona 97 in Milan, in the heart of the modern Fashion and Design District, very close to the headquarters of many major brands, in a district that hosts the most important Ateliers, Showrooms, Design and creative activities of the Fashion, Luxury and Design sector.

New generations face change implementing concrete actions to address global issues, like environmental emergency and sustainability. Three Gen Z voices describe the planet and their commitment to find alternative paths. Francesca Impollonia, Fashion Photography, explores design, art and nature and lands into a surreal world. Federica Ghirardi, Fashion Design, seeks the elimination of wasteful production and the enhancement of craftsmanship. Corinne Zoccali, Fashion Stylist, looks into upcycling as a means of contaminating and giving a new value to the old.


Parallel universes where personalities in conflict with each other converge.
Red threads e studs to restore life by exorcising the suffering of evil. Chronophobia prevents you from living the present identity to which you feel connected, with a knotted thread that remains indefinitely. The female organs evoke uniqueness. Fragility is reviewed through bubbles that crush the figure.
But memories fill the inner voids as well as love for oneself and the environment. The simplicity of a song hides a powerful message: a flower is what we need!